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Welcome parents to our resources page! Below are all the newsletter and other resources. To view the newsletter just click the pdf.

November 2018 Newsletter

March 2018 Newsletter

June 2018 Newsletter

June 2019 Newsletter

ISS Team:

• Assistant Principal, ISS

–Danielle N. Williams (DWilliams30@schools.nyc.gov)


•ISS Secretary

–Ana Orbe-Millery (AOrbemillery@schools.nyc.gov)

•IEP Coordinator

–Christopher Sasso (CSasso@schools.nyc.gov)

•CDOS Coordinator

–Michael Nola (MNola@schools.nyc.gov)

•School Psychologists

–Julie Accardo (JAccardo@schools.nyc.gov)

–Christine Rowand (CRowand@schools.nyc.gov)

•Family Worker-

–Antoniette Valuzzi (AValluzzi@schools.nyc.gov)

•IEP Teacher (Central)-

–Christine Silver (CSilver3@schools.nyc.gov)

•Bussing Coordinators-

–Fifi Youssef (FYoussef@schools.nyc.gov)

–Ari Rodriguez (ARodriguez211@schools.nyc.gov)

–Christina Ragucci (CRaguccicumia@schools.nyc.gov)

•Testing Room Coordinator-

–Ari Rodriguez (ARodriguez211@schools.nyc.gov)

•Transition Linkage Coordinator Diploma Bound

–Brandon Rea (BRea@schools.nyc.gov)

•Transition Linkage Coordinator Non-Diploma Bound-

–Allison Giacoppo (AGiacoppo@schools.nyc.gov)

Other resources:

Transition & College Access Centers (TCAC):

The Transition and College Access Centers are devoted to ensuring that students with disabilities are prepared for postsecondary life experiences. Transition and College Access Centers will support schools and families with facilitating a seamless transition for students from school to adult life, in preparation to be productive members of society. In addition to college readiness resources and supports, these centers will also facilitate diverse work-based learning opportunities for students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). 

Executive functioning ISLC 2017 Powerpoint:


718.804.6790 (Brooklyn) and 718.581.2250 (Bronx)

County Served:

Brooklyn, Bronx


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